Rosa PR understands the need for content-rich, well-researched copy to attract a target audience. Offering copywriting services across a range of platforms, Rosa PR can provide fluent, considerate prose to suit any house style.

All content designated for web use will be written to the highest and latest search engine optimisation (SEO) standards. Rosa PR takes an organic SEO approach to copy to ensure higher search engine rankings and greater click through rates.

Rosa PR can provide the following services:

  • SEO copywriting
  • Digital marketing copywriting (i.e. email marketing, sales emails)
  • Traditional marketing copywriting (i.e. print brochures, letters)
  • Product description copywriting
  • Advertising copywriting (i.e. traditional and PPC)
  • Advertorials
  • Proofreading

We can also provide these services in isolation. Please contact us for a quote on both full and isolated services.