Jackson & Rye

Serving up a slice of typical American cuisine, Jackson & Rye is a slick new establishment in the heart of London. The warm atmosphere and excellent food will make anyone a fan of traditional U.S. dishes, such as mac and cheese and rib-eye steak.

Here’s a glimpse of the restaurant review:

“In the heart of Soho lies the latest buzzing restaurant to be inspired by the great American tradition, Jackson and Rye. With the support of Richard Caring and the successful team of Hannah Bass and Mark Askew, this lively spot is sure to become a new favourite for all day meals, excellent cocktails and good ol’ fashion Americana.”
“A classic favourite with a twist, the truffled mac and cheese with rocket and parmesan  is everything you might expect. Truffle oil and mushrooms add a distinctive tang to this typical American fare.”

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